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religion /ri"lidʤn/ danh từ tôn giáo, đạo; sự tín ngưỡng, sự tu hànhthe Christian religion: đạo Cơ đốcfreedom of religion: thoải mái tín ngưỡngto enter into religion: đi tu sự sùng bái; việc có nhiệm vụ phải làmto make a religion of soemthing: sùng bái cái gì; coi loại gì như là việc có nhiệm vụ phải làm

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): religion, religious, irreligious, religiously





Từ điển Collocation

religion noun

ADJ. great, major | world Islam is one of the great world religions. | dominant | established, old | new | orthodox | true | false | alternative Football has become an alternative religion for many people. | organized I believe in God, but I don"t belong lớn any organized religion. | primitive | pagan | monotheistic, polytheistic | eastern eastern religions such as Shintoism | Hindu, Jewish, etc. | Catholic, evangelical, Orthodox, Protestant | official, state

VERB + RELIGION belong to, have She has no religion. | follow, practise Do you still practise your religion? | change | abandon, reject | defend She believed that her religion needed to be defended by philosophy & logic. | found He founded a new religion. | spread

RELIGION + VERB be based on sth a religion based on reason | originate from sth He believes that all religions originated from a single source. | develop | spread

PREP. by ~ These people are predominantly Russian Orthodox by religion. | in a/the ~ In their religion, mountains are sacred.

PHRASES an adherent/follower of a religion, a form/kind of religion More information about RELIGION
RELIGION: accept, adopt, convert to, embrace, follow, turn lớn ~
He converted lớn Judaism when he got married. People who follow Hinduism

abandon, reject ~ He rejected Christianity & became a Buddhist.

~ spread Islam spread rapidly through North Africa.

~ preaches, proclaims, teaches sth Christianity preaches that sinners can be forgiven.

a follower of ~ followers of Sikhism

the rise/spread of ~ the rise of Christianity in the first century

the teachings/tenets of ~ the basic tenets of Buddhism

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English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

religionssyn.: faith organized religion religious belief